A modest soiree for the Masters Women of Cyclocross Nationals, Bend

DROP BY anytime Thursday, December 10, 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. McMenamins, Rambler Room.

HEAR Team LUNA Chix member Alison Dunlap speak at 7:00

FREE entry, raffle, appetizers

RAFFLE at 7:30. Must be present to win!!...see blog for crazy long list of goodies (62 prizes!).

FUN girlie stuff for sale

WEAR your team jersey and get 2 raffle tickets

MEET women who like to talk about bikes

RSVP / questions: rsvpcxingbarriers09@gmail.com

Are you a masters racer? Have you been the ONLY woman in a local race? Have you been 10 years older than any other woman on a sports team? Do you check your lipstick before the start? Yes? This is for you! Masters are tough ladies for whom sports aren’t a fad. Being competitive and active aren’t things left behind at college graduation. Career, family, life - don’t impede your dedication. You’re willing to cross barriers.

Monday, November 23, 2009

FreshAirSports is there for you at both ends of your competitive jouney: the pre-race strenthening and, literally, at the race. They're a dynamic blend of coaches, race promoters and pilates gurus. Maybe someone does have all the answers! Win these: 3 entries to their 2010 FreshAirSports Crossaflixion Cup Series in Bend (dates TBD), entry for their 2010 FreshAirSports Time Trial/Duathlon series in Bend, and 3 semi-private sessions (two friends together!). Unless you have some serious frequent flyer miles, this prize should go to a local gal.

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